A little update on book 5, The Warlock

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The Warlock {The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel} US Edition CoverI posted this on the Official Fan forum recently, but I thought I’d repost a slightly edited version here.

I have just seen the final page proofs of The Warlock. These are very close to the final novel, laid out the way the published final book will look. I know there was some discussion earlier about the size of this book (and indeed, on the Random House site, the page number is given as 368), but the final book has come in at 380 pages of story and an additional 20 pages of intro and a tiny sneak peek at The Enchantress. So The Warlock will be 400 pages in total, which is just over 80,000 words.

However, we’re going to break with the tradition of including the first chapter of next book with this one. Because of the way this book is structured, and especially the ending, we could not give the first chapter of The Enchantress because it would reveal too much.

We’re now beginning to count down to publication and I am hard at work on The Enchantress!

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