Revealing Flamel’s immortal secrets on Wikipedia

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The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series coversI do not edit my wiki page.  It is managed by the good people at Flamel’s Immortal Portal and the associated Fan Forum, which is the only official fan site and the one I visit every day.  The Portal and Forum act as a gathering place and discussion ground for fans.  It is moderated of course, and completely child friendly.  It is safe to say that the moderators know as much about the books as I do.

However, with remarkable regularity the moderators must go onto the Wikipedia pages and correct additions and emendations to the pages by readers whose enthusiasm outstrips their knowledge.

The single most changed item has to do with the title characters.  Each book in the series is named after a character.  Some are easy to guess (The Alchemyst is Flamel, for example), but others require a closer reading of the text.  So here, to avoid endless Wikipedia changes, is the (almost) definitive list.The Alchemyst is Nicholas Flamel.

The Enchantress is …  I deliberately do not say who the Enchantress is in the text, though there are plenty of clues.   There are three possibles at the end of the book, but, given that The Enchantress is not yet out in certain territories, I’ll not say just yet.

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