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Author Michael ScottHello, and welcome to my web site.

The Necromancer, the next book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series was published on May 25th 2010 in the USA. Click here to see the cover.
Readers in the UK edition will have to wait until the 5th of August.

I started writing in 1982 and published my first book,
Irish Folk & Fairy Tales, in 1983.
Two further collections followed and now, more than twenty-five years later, they are
still in print. On these pages, you will find links to most of my publications, plus
the foreign editions and examples of some unused book covers. I will get around to writing
notes and comments on every title, but do bear with me – there are a lot of books, and lots more to come.

The exciting news is that my latest series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel,
has gone global. The books have now sold into 37 countries and movie rights to the entire series have been

There is a FAQ which should answer most questions, but if you have anything
specific you would like to know, then do check out the forum at

Flamel’s Immortal Portal and post your questions
there. I check in on the forum almost daily, so there is a good chance I’ll answer your question.

There is also a sub-page for “Anna Dillon“, probably my best known pen-name.

Thanks for dropping in, and do keep in touch.

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