Dont Forget Your Space Suit Dear

Don't Forget Your Spacesuit Dear by Michael Scott The apron string theory of spacetime

So, you think things will be any different in the future, in space, in other dimensions where magic works? Wash your mouth out with soap! Mother will always know best. The galactic emperor, master of a million suns, lust better not get too busy to call his mother. Starship troopers had better not forget Mother’s Day, even if massed space armadas are about to rocket into battle across the galaxy. The great and powerful White Wizard had better remember what his mom told him about washing his white robes separately from his colored long johns. Speaking of washing, who do you think taught that famous alien to scrub behind his pointy ears? And as for that muscular barbarian swordsman-with all those mighty thews, why can’t he clean up his room?

Don't Forget Your Spacesuit Dear Italian Translation by Michael Scott Enough about the square-jawed, steely-eyed heroes of science fiction and fantasy, already-where would those heroes be without their mothers? Its time to give the mothers of the galaxy their due, and New York Times bestselling authors Anne McCaffrey, Morgan Llywelyn, Robert Asprin, and Diane Duane are on hand to do mom honors, along with Elizabeth Moon. Esther Friesner, Christopher Stasheff, Mike Resnick, Jody Lynn Nye herself, and more. Enter a star-studded volume celebrating motherhood throughout space and time. But first-wipe your feet-and Don’t Forget You’re Spacesuit Dear.

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