Ireland A Graphic History

Ireland: A Graphic History by Michael Scott For 800 years Ireland has known no peace. Countless lives have been destroyed and consumed in the flames of hatred, bitterness, cruelty and war, the seemingly unbreakable cycle of violent conflict.

As the sun prepares to set on the 20th Century; the first rays of hope have begun to shine through these dark clouds of bitterness and hatred. All conflict must end. History tells us so. This conflict is no different. It will end because we want it to end and are prepared to learn how it came about, how it has been continued and how it can be ended.

For the first time ever, the history of Ireland is brought to you in a form which is both accessible and enlightening. This innovative new format tells the story of Ireland graphically through the lives of ordinary people, a people constantly and bitterly divided by the selfish interest of the powerful, a people who are awakening to a new dawn.

Myth fuels conflict. Knowledge strips it bare.
Ireland: A Graphic History by Michael Scott

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