Irish Folk And Fairy Tales Omnibus

Irish Folk & Fairy Tales Omnibus by Michael ScottThe sorceress caught and held her breath and then slipped into a slow regular rhythm. One by one her senses shut down; sight first, although she did not notice it in the blackness of the cave, then hearing-the whisper of the sea and Trayim’s breathing faded and were replaced by a low ceaseless hum.

Touch went next-the warm feather touch of her companion’s skin, the roughness of the blanket and the stone floor beneath…and then she was floating in a featureless grey void.
She waited a moment and then sank deeper into herself-and a semblance of sight returned. Pastel hues formed and quickly deepened into vivid colours; Trayim’s sleeping body was outlined in an aura of brilliant crimson, whilst the cave growths glowed amber and warm bronze.”

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