The Day The Magic Stopped

The Day the Magic Stopped by Michael Scott What do you do when the foundation of your universe suddenly vanishes? In a world where magic works-and then suddenly stops working. All bets are off. Those who have magically enhanced their attractiveness must now live with their true appearance. Buildings created by sorcery to hover high in the air, suddenly collapse. Wizards-ex-wizards-who rely on magic to repel their enemies must find more physical methods of defence.

And if the magic returns, will the world go back to where it was before-or has everything been changed forever? Follow a noble knight charged with realising his prince from .in incapacitating curse, an itinerant magician whose livelihood has suddenly vanished, a thief bent on stealing an idols jewelled eyes, a penniless beggar who realizes that protective spells can no longer keep him out of a house of riches, and folks who view their suddenly changed world with despair, with courage, or with a determination to make the most of an opportunity!

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