Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess by Michael Scott They carry the banner for all womankind-
Children of privilege, they could lead pampered lives in royal palaces, be bartered in marriage alliances to distant courts, or take refuge within the cloistered halls of a religious order. But instead they choose to defend their lands, their people, their families, and their freedom, preferring armor to ball gowns, the art of war to the art of love, and the councils of rulers to more “ladylike” pursuits.
From a young woman burdened with the responsibility for a magical sword…to a pharaoh’s daughter gifted by the gods…to the most unusual reincarnation of Arthur… to a barbarian princess who can out bargain an Empress- here are all-original tales of powerful women ready to fight for what they believe in, unforgettable yarns by such top fantasists as Morgan Llewellyn, Jane Yolen, and Elizabeth Moon.

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