Consequences - First EditionWhat happens when the affair ends? Can a betrayal ever be forgiven?
Robert ends his affair with Stephanie and his wife Kathy is left to pick up the pieces.
But can life ever return to normal after the ultimate betrayal?

Consequences - Second Edition
Kathy must come to terms with her husband’s unfaithfulness and re-evaluate everything she held her dear. Will she be able to give Robert a second chance? Robert discovers things in his marriage were not what he thought. He wants it to work but he still loves Stephanie, and with Stephanie holding all the cards, he is forced into a second double betrayal. Stephanie, meanwhile, must discover if Robert is really in love with her. She has genuine feelings but can she afford to trust him again?

Everything comes to a head on New Year’s Eve when the fireworks really start to go off and all three realise, there are consequences to every affair.

Two women, one man three’s a crowd.

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