The lottery is the ultimate dream: unimaginable
instant wealth-and someone has to win.

Twelve…sixteen…twenty-three…three…twenty-seven…thirty-four. Every week Christine Quinn uses the same numbers. Special numbers, numbers with a story each one a turning point in her life.

Tonight the lottery is worth a magical £2 million and Christine is the only winner! A millionaire twice over.

Catapulted into the world of the super-rich, Christine can have everything she has ever dreamed of. It is a chance to start a new life in a beautiful home, with
exotic holidays, glamorous clothes. And when Mark comes into her life, there is the hope of the loving relationship she never had. She has the world at her feet.

Then from the dark shadows of her nightmare past her ex-husband appears, demanding a share in her fortune, threatening to destroy her fragile new-found happiness.
But Christine Quinn is a fighter and this time she will not give up so easily.

A spellbinding saga of riches, drama and romance.

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