Season’s End

Seasons End - Third Edition

Seasons End - Second Edition

Seasons End - First Edition

There is a season for all things

A time for war and a time for peace…

Senga Lundy, on the brink of womanhood, has no reason to love her domineering mother. Yet Katherine’s disappearance from glittering 1930’s London plunges Senga reluctantly into her affairs – and into dangerous conflict with the law and ruthless villains alike-as the secrets of Katherine’s past emerge to threaten Senga’s life.

Frightened and confused, Senga flees to Montmartre and then to the uneasy dazzle of pre-war Berlin, her pursuers ever closer on her heels as she draws nearer to the very heart of the mystery. But which of her protectors – Scotswoman Billy, enigmatic policeman Cohn Holdstock, adoring Rutgar von Mann, comfortable Aunt Tilly, or even her beloved brother Patrick and Katherine herself- can she truly trust?

In a violent denouement in the heart of Paris, Senga discovers the unexpected truth.

The triumphant conclusion to the bestselling Seasons saga.

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