Seasons - Third Edition

Seasons - First Edition

Seasons - Second Edition

There is a season for all things,

A time to love and a time to die…
Dublin in 1900 is seething with discontent; poverty, disease and prostitution are rife, fuelling the flames of nationalist rebellion. Amidst this turmoil, a young fresh-faced English girl arrives to take up her new position as maid in the family of the cruel but magnetically handsome Englishman, Captain Lewis…

Katherine is instantly attracted to the charismatic officer, but she soon realises he is not quite what he pretends to be. She is wracked with further agonising doubts when she meets Dermot Corcoran, a patriotic young journalist, and discovers he is also hot on the captain’s trail.

And as the nationalist rebellion gathers pace, Katherine finds herself desperately trying to escape from an ever-tightening noose of conspiracy and deception. But, in Captain Lewis, she may have met her match – not only in love but in the deadly game of life itself…

Racy,pacy blockbuster A delicious read


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