The Affair

The Affair - First Edition

The Affair - Second Edition

Die Affaire

The Affair - Polish Translation

There are two sides to every story … but in an affair, there
are three:

The Wife

“When did I first suspect that my husband was having
an affair?  I think I knew long before I was forced to
acknowledge the truth.”
The Husband
“Did I know what I was doing?  Only vaguely.  No,
that’s not true, of course I knew what I was doing.  I
just didn’t realise that things would go so far.  Not
this time anyway.”
The Mistress
“Of course I knew he was married, and I knew he was lying
to me.  But I loved him … or I thought I loved him.”
The Affair

The very modern story of an affair, told from the viewpoints
of the three principals involved: the wife, the husband and
the mistress.
The novel takes place over the course of a week, and takes
the unusual route of examining the same events from the three
different viewpoints.
This was one of the hardest books I’ve ever tackled. Essentially,
the same story is told three times. I had to ensure that everything
the wife said in Part One was repeated in Part Two, but interpreted
differently by the husband. Similarly, when the husband makes
a promise to his mistress in Part Two, she hears one thing;
he means something different.
It took five complete rewrites before I was happy. The book
received wonderful reviews. What people particularly liked
what that I had chosen not the repeat the standard cliches
of the virtuous wife, the villaneous husband and the conniving
mistress. The Affair is the story of three ordinary people
in an extraordinary situation. Click here to
see the sequel, Consequences

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