An Irish Herbal

An Irish Herbal First Edition by Michael Scott An Irish Herbal Second Edition by Michael Scott First published in 1735, The Botanalogia Universalis Hibernica, A General Irish Herbal, quickly established itself as a standard work.

Here is an edited version for the modern reader, retaining the style of John K’Eogh’s original whilst modernizing spelling and syntax and translating Latin and Irish words and phrases.

The herbal contained an alphabetical listing of the plants, herbs, flowers, hurbs, and trees of Ireland and the uses to which each could be put in the formation of cures. The present abridgement offers a wealth of enchanting folklore on a wide range of plants and trees from Agrimony
and Alder to Yarrow and Yew.

Illustrated throughout, An Irish Herbal makes fascinating-and still practical-reading for anyone interested in herbal medicine and in the
natural history of Ireland.

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