Celtic Wisdom For Business

Celic Wisdom for Business by Michael Scott The Celts were renowned for their business acumen long before our boardrooms became our battlegrounds. They were hugely successful traders who over time developed a series of rules by which they conducted business. Some of it was advice, more of it just common sense. However, their foresight and wisdom are still powerful instruments in today’s challenging working environment.

The best bargains are to be got from those in debt”

”Remember that the bees that come with honey in their mouths,

have stings in their tails”

“It is no secret when three know it”

The wisdom, proverbs and sayings you will find here are not exclusively for use in business-the Celts believed that life was business and business was life. Their insights will guide you equally well in the office or in the home.

“Reputation is more enduring than life”

“Character is better than wealth”

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