Read the first chapter of The Enchantress by Michael Scott

The Enchantress by Michael Scott

With less than two weeks to go to the publication of the last book in the series, here is a preview of the first chapter of The Enchantress.

I started work on the research behind the series almost a decade ago. Each book was plotted out in incredible detail, because I knew I was embarking on a huge writing exercise, because the series is, essentially, one enormous novel, told in six parts. Indeed, although the published books are now more than half a million words in length, there is more that double that wordage in notes and close on 12,000 research photos.

Six years ago, on May 22nd, (the same date The Enchantress is published), The Alchemyst appeared in print. Now, the series is in 32 countries and available in 25 languages. This last book brings the story to a conclusion, and I get to writing the ending I first wrote more than ten years ago.

Enjoy this sample chapter – there are no spoilers, so its safe to read. The book will be published on the 22nd May in the USA and Canada, and on the 24th May in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

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