Frequently Asked Questions

Since the publication of The Alchemyst in May 2007, emails have flooded in about the book and the sequels. Here are some of the most common questions.

Q: What Is The Release Date for The Enchantress, Book 6 of The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel?

The Enchantress by Michael Scott will be published on May 22 2012, May 24 in the UK

Q. How many books will there be in the series?

There will be six books in total:
The Alchemyst,
The Magician
and The Sorceress,
The Necromancer,
The Warlock and The Enchantress.

Q. Is it true that the six books take place over one month?

Yes. All the action in book one, The Alchemyst, occurs over 2 days. Nicholas
and Perenelle are aging through the story. They only have a month left to live.

Q. Are all the characters in the series based in history and myth?

All of the principal characters in the series are drawn from myth and legend from all across the world. Characters like Flamel and Dee were real historical persons. Check them out online.

Q. The twins aren’t real though?

The twins are the only created characters, though twins occupy a special
place in just about every mythology.

Q. Was Nicholas Flamel real?

Yes, very real. Pop his name into google and you will find out all sorts
of information about him. He was born in 1330 and ‘died’ in 1418. All the
details I give about him in The Alchemyst are based on the historical facts.
There is a street named after him in Paris, and his house still exists to this day.

Q. Was the Codex – the Book of Abraham – a real book?

The original book no longer exists, but we have very detailed descriptions
of it and the drawings it contained, so the evidence certainly suggests
that it did exist.

Q. Was John Dee really 007?

Well, he was part of Queen Elizabeth I’s network of spies, and he did
sign his reports with two Os (which look like eyes) and a squiggle that
looked like a 7. So what do you think?

Q. Ojai appears in the book. Is it a real place and how do you pronounce it?

Every place in the book exists, and I have visited and stayed and researched in all of them. Ojai, which is pronounced o-high, is a very beautiful city north of Los Angeles.

Q. Are all the books written?

The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress and The Necromancer are written and published.  The Warlock is complete and with the publishers.  Large parts of The Enchantress (including the ultimate ending) are also completed.

Q: Will the series be available in my language?

A: The series has been sold into 38 countries so far. Check
out the books.

However, if you know that it is available in your country and you do not see
a cover on the list, then please let me know (and maybe send me a link.)

Q: I have written a story featuring your characters – can I send it to you?

A: Sorry, but I’d rather you didn’t! I have spent years developing the plot for the books, and if by chance your story used something I’ve got planned for the future then I’d have to scrap my idea and come up with something new. Something like that could seriously delay the publication of future volumes.

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