Music for The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

“Perenelle’s Theme” by Jumeaux

JumeauxIn May 2007 Jumeaux (Libby Lavella & Antonio Gambale) began work on a series of songs inspired by The Alchemyst. The song appeared as the background tune on Nicholas Flamel’s MySpace. We’ve had so many requests for the song that, with Jumeaux’s permission, we made it available for download. You can also visit Jumeaux’s website and you can view videos inspired by the characters in the book and also see footage of the catacombs . You can also buy other music that Jumeaux has created specifically for Flamel on iTunes or at bandcamp .

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This Way Forever

Download This Way Forever by Jumeaux

Carry My Voice

Download Carry My Voice by Jumeaux

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