Chiller by Michael Scott Imagine what it would be like to wake up and discover that your worst niare had come true-these stories will chill you to the bone!

Discover the dark truth behind strange goings-on at The Haunungs a trendy club for teenagers.

Meet Pauly-dead and yet not dead-who returns from the grave to settle a score.

Uncover the grim secret of Glebe House.

Who is the mysterious girl who regularly visits the grave of her brother, a German fighter pilot shot down over Ireland 1uriug WWII?

Enter “The Green Room” with Dee on her surfboard from hell…

…and meet the hitch-hiker of Blueberry Hill — the spirit of a teenage girl thumbing a ride to eternity as she tries in vain to et home after her body is found in a gravel pit near her house.

A sometimes wistful, often horrifying collection of original ghost stories by some of Poolbeg’s master storytellers. Prepare to be terrified!

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