House Of The Dead

House of the Dead by Michael ScottHet Huis Van Het Kwaad by Michael ScottHouse of the Dead French Translation by Michael Scott House of the Dead Italian Translation by Michael Scott Newgrange-older than Stonehenge, older than the pyramids-has held its secrets for thousands of years.

A place of worship, where ancient man prayed to the gods, Newgrange was also a tomb, a place to bury the dead…and not all the dead were human. And now Patrick Elliot and Claire Holland have unleashed one of the House of the Dead’s most malignant evils.

It began with a practical joke that went wrong. Patrick and Claire are on a school trip to the ancient monument. By chance they set in train a series of events that will threaten not only their own lives hut also the very existence of the human race. They have released the creature known as the Great Evil. Now they must defeat it, but what chance have two teenagers against the ancient magic?

Michael Scott is the author of many well-known books including October Moon and Gemini Game, the first of the Otherworld series. He is well known internationally, and has a special interest in fantasy and mythology.

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