Last Of The Fianna

Last of the Fianna Second Edition by Michael Scott Last of the Fianna First Edition by Michael Scott A mad gallop on a mysterious white horse takes Colum back through time and into the greatest adventure of his life. In a land of unicorns and dragons he meets the mighty Oisin of history. Could this place be the legendary Tir na nOg, Land of Eternal Youth?

Oisin decides to return to Erin with Colum to visit Finn and the Fianna. It is a journey beset by terrible dangers, the evils of the Shadowlands and a resurrected demon.

And over it all hangs the awful knowledge of what faces Oisin back in his native land…

Michael Scott is an award-winning and internationally published author of numerous books for both adults and children. Many of his books for young readers are based on pre-Celtic and Celtic legend, including Windlord and The Seven Treasures.

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